In Defense of Public Relations

Last fall, I had the privilege of being on the receiving end of a phone call from an irate city councilor. He called my personal cell phone to tear into me about my use of the phrase “public relations win” in an email to him, his staff and other elected officials. The councilor took umbrage with my use of that phrase in an official communication, arguing that it could get him in trouble. [+]


As a small business trying to scrape by and get our feet off the ground, Mud Pie Creative Lab’s partners came together and made a decision to draw on the crowd of folks surrounding each one of our lives, hopefully to help turn this dream into a reality.


As an entrepreneur who runs his own business pages on Facebook, I realize that I’ve likely broken each of these at some point in time. I accept and recognize that. The unfortunate reality for other businesses, though, is that they neither see them as a problem nor plan to change the way they use Facebook as a tool to expand their reach.



I recently reviewed an article on smashing about the level of interactive elements on websites and how organizations need to help the users by including and excluding those elements based on common standards.

“Putting in the extra work to remove interface elements is sometimes thankless. But creating experiences in which users are only asked relevant information at relevant times makes for happy users, and happy users lead to happy designers.” - 


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