Brooks’ bio makes little-to-no sense, but it somehow works. Moving from an art major to a business major at the University of Memphis, the middle child of this bunch finally decided on Psychology. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree, he moved on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Experimental Neuropsychology.

Between then and now, Brooks has picked up many web-centric skills along the way. At his 9 to 5, Brooks focuses mainly on COBOL, JCL, data exchange, data security and privacy, and the gamut of Microsoft products (SharePoint, Visual Studio, SQL Server).  On the side, he dabbles with graphic design, php, structured query languages, WordPress, Joomla, and plug-in customization. He is a social media authority and addict.

Brooks has big hands and is thumb-wrestling champion in 43 states. He also helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses while working less. His number one piece of advice is: “If a clown offers you a hamburger and it’s not Ronald McDonald, do not eat the hamburger.” A lesson learned the hard way.

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